HUBB Pricing Calculator

The HUBB Filter’s revolutionary oil filtration technology saves users big! Our client wanted to be able to show the value of their product – a stainless steel, reusable oil filter for vehicles – to customers that will be purchasing bulk orders, such as auto service stores and fleets.

HUBB approached Linx to build calculator based on key data points and costs they presented to calculate the cost of their customers’ current oil filter program compared to the cost of the HUBB Filter program. Through precise equations and algorithms, we are able to provide clients with their actual costs and savings over the first 3 years of resale and service for auto service stores or utilizing the HUBB oil filter product for fleets. The 3-year span shows the true impact of profit and savings, which will continue. The key to the calculations and algorithms is the alternating maintenance visits that are required when using and servicing a HUBB Filter.

The calculator was built right into the HUBB Filter website for a user-friendly interface and layout, which consists of two separate calculations and algorithms for the auto service stores and fleet companies.