What Happens When You Pull Your Brand out of Branded Content?

If you pulled your brand out of your branded content what quality of content are you left with? A strong narrative with a solid story to tell, or a weak sales pitch that isn’t going to catch any potential customer’s attention?

As you ponder this question, take a look at some of your favorite ads and see what happens. For example, if you were to pull a brand name like Delta, Nike or Apple out of one of their latest ads, their content (should) still carry a strong narrative and tell a captivating story. Inserting their brand name into that content should then serve to strengthen that narrative, rather than take away from it. Branded content is increasingly more important because young audiences no longer want to be sold to; they want genuine ads and a reason to connect with your brand. This requires marketers to re-evaluate their approach when writing content.

Brands must learn how to resonate with their audiences in a new way, whether utilizing new video approaches (like the six-second video), social media, retargeting ads or emails – audiences need to make an emotional connection with brands before committing to them.

Your content matters, the intention behind your content matters, as does the story you tell and the voice you use. Being a storyteller requires marketers and brands to think ahead, looking to what consumers are looking for both now and what they will want. It requires your story to constantly stay ahead of the curve, learning how to utilize new technologies and leverage them with their marketing attempts. In this instance, when pulling you brand from your content is necessary to accurately sell a narrative you have to know how to tell the story through the written and visual content. Content is still king, but in today’s world it doesn’t always look the same.

The quality of your content measures the level of your success, which means you need to make sure your content can stand on it’s own two legs. We understand the power of good content and how impactful it is for converting customers.

Source: http://www.adweek.com/brand-marketing/its-time-to-take-the-brand-out-of-branded-content/