AmeriCold Takes Form with Linx

Learn how Linx helped streamline AmeriCold’s customer on-boarding process by implementing an online intake form.

Linx developed a new custom customer form to help our client be better organized and correctly track customer information. The form will allow an AmeriCold employee or customer to start/complete the necessary field requirements when a new customer uses AmeriCold for any refrigeration service. The form is fully equipped with an admin and customer side, allowing the admin (AmeriCold) to be able to add/edit any information submitted by the customer before it is saved and imported into the database.

With the use of this form, AmeriCold will be able to save valuable employee time and reduce any misinterpretations by having the customer enter their own information. By entering in the correct contact and service information, Linx will be able to target each person individually, allowing for more personalized messaging and better marketing results.