Creative Laboratory


Customer loyalty is created through the unique story your brand tells.

At Linx, we transform our strategic knowledge with data-driven insights into the creative elements that support the essence of your brand. We help our clients develop unique content and designs that inform, educate and influence their customers for a lifetime.

As your business and customers continue to evolve, we find innovative ways to keep your brand top of mind and continue connecting with your customers. Data reveals insightful stories about your market, business and customers… and that sparks the fire of our creative processes!

Breathe life into your brand.


Brand Identity

Your company name, logo, tone, tagline, typeface are all created to reflect the value your company brings to the market and to appeal to your customers – this is all strategically developed and then outlined in a comprehensive brand style guide.

Marketing & Sales Collateral

Materials are developed for your organization to support the introduction of your brand, or sales of a product or service, utilizing your newly implemented brand identity.

Digital Marketing

This is the marketing of your products or services using digital technologies including email, online advertising, and any other digital medium.

Campaign Development

We work with your team to plan, create and execute multi-channel outreach programs to promote your brand, product or service to generate new leads and increase sales.

Website Development

Our team will create and execute an online experience for your brand – a platform that will inform and educate customers or prospects about your brand, products and services, and unique value.

E-Commerce Platform Development

For clients that sell or want to sell their product online, we develop an online shopping platform that allows your company to market and sell your products or services directly through your website and continue your company’s growth.

Custom Platform Development

Whether it be an internal system to make your business and team more productive and efficient, or an online tool to improve your customers’ experience with your brand, we can create custom solutions to fit your needs or develop new ideas you may not have considered.

Video Marketing

We work with your team to incorporate video into your brand and marketing campaigns, whether to promote your company, your processes, products or services in order to create higher customer engagement.

Product Development

Our team will conceptualize, design, develop and market newly created or newly rebranded goods or services for your organization.

Content Development

As Storytellers, we turn the stories your data tells into the stories that build your brand, through a multitude of content formats.

Event Marketing

In order to fully leverage in-person engagements, we help your organization promote your brand, products and services through face-to-face interactions.

Experiential Marketing & Brand Experience

We work with your organization to directly engage with consumers and invite and encourage them to participate in your brand through new and unique ways.

Customer Experience (CX) Development

We leverage the interaction between your organization and your customers over the duration of your relationship, including awareness, discovery, cultivation, advocacy, purchases, service and emotional connection.

O2O (Online-to-Offline) Marketing

After identifying customers in the online space, we target those customers to bring them into your physical location and vice versa.

Personalized Marketing Communications

Individualized Marketing allows your company to leverage data analysis and digital technology to deliver individualized product offerings and messages to your clients or prospects.