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Think Ahead

How We create value


Ensure perfect alignment and consistency across your organization's full platform by seamlessly linking your business, marketing and sales strategies.


Utilize leveraged data to meet your customers' most crucial, challenging needs—before they even know to ask.


Create the emotional connections that drive customer engagement, enhance experiences and build brand value.

How Can Linx help you Think Ahead

“To be prepared is half the victory.”—Cervantes
There is no better way to tackle tomorrow’s challenges than to be prepared today. Consider some of your organization’s most important needs, issues and problems. With our core philosophy, “Think Ahead,” you have the tools to face all the troubleshooting needs –before they hit.
Need help with something you don’t see here? We have a solution for that too!

  • How do we improve brand loyalty?
  • How do we find our best new markets and enter them?
  • How do we get to know our customers better?
  • How can we identify future opportunities?
  • How do we get more leads & sales?
  • How do we create a better customer and brand experience?

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The Perfect partnership

At Linx, we meet the needs of your organization from top to bottom. Whether supporting the CMO role, extending your team or providing a fully outsourced marketing department. Our flexible approach ensures a perfect fit!


So your internal team is having challenges elevating your marketing’s performance. Linx provides an in-house experienced executive to “Think Ahead”. We work with leadership to develop your marketing department, build and execute digital transformation strategies, optimize customer experience and enhance brands. This service is a true partnership, where interests are aligned and often compensation is tied to meeting organizational goals.

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Team Extension

So your team is doing pretty well but needs some help... like fresh ideas, new strategies, and great designs. Linx provides a team to support a project, a long-term program, or simply act as brand stewards to develop your company’s look, feel & tonality... eventually handing it back to your team. We build the strategy and vision, then support the internal team with “Flex Services”, helping them build their capabilities and capacity to achieve more.

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Full Service Agency

Ready to focus on your organization’s core strength and do what you do best? Linx supports the whole marketing function and integrates seamlessly with management, sales and operations. Our suite of technologies put any strategic, creative or analytics service into a streamlined process to achieve your organization's vision and deliver exceptional results.

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Crème Allure: The Sweet Success of a Branding Strategy

Client Overview Crème Allure was founded with the set goal in mind—become a new and unique gift alternative to the same old fruit basket or cookie platter. Now, as a premiere Gourmet Ice Cream Gift retailer, Crème Allure offers customers an array of crafted dessert confections: ice cream treats, gift baskets and platters—including their signature […]

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