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Ad agencies rely on traditional executions because it’s what they know. Linx relies on market-driven business strategies to give your organization a competitive edge.


More than “marketing advice” – Linx can test, pull back and adjust, perform risk/reward calculations and implement a plethora of our own market-driven business strategies.


Is there value in creating art for art’s sake? We think not. Linx combines decades of real-world experience to take creative design to a whole new level of AWESOME!

A Market-Driven Business Strategy…The Best ROI

At Linx, ROI is more than just a mathematical equation – it’s a business philosophy. It’s the reason we created a hybrid model that unifies world-class strategic consulting with cutting edge marketing communications.

A marketing element provides 10X ROI. Add in the efficiencies of technology and you bring that number to 100X ROI. But begin with a sound strategy and your entire program can deliver 1,000X ROI. This is the Linx way of life…the model we use to deliver best-of-breed skills and unique strategic marketing solutions.


Linx Tools

Designed Experiment

Designed Experiment

Even a small improvement in the browse-to-buy conversion rate can have a big impact on profitability. At Linx, we implement the designed experiment to help you target marketing programs with razor-sharp precision. We help your marketing messages hit their targets, boosting your bottom line in the process.

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel

Linx uses the sales funnel to predict the number of prospects who will become customers. We also identify roadblocks, times of standstill and an insufficient number of leads at any stage to ensure sales representatives put sufficient focus on all steps of the sales process.

Messaging Hierarchy

Messaging Hierarchy

The typical American experiences 6,500 marketing messages a day – and the vast majority of businesses are never heard above the noise. Combining all three levels of messaging – marketing, selling and technical – Linx helps you cut through the clutter to deliver a message that echoes for eternity.

CMF Analysis

CMF Analysis

Mining data, siloing and grouping, establishing patterns, comparing behaviors to the norm – anything is possible with a Customer Master File (CMF). Managing a CMF is a challenging task. At Linx, we make it simple. Count on us to deliver new, data-driven customer and prospect lists through good, old-fashioned CMF analysis.

Lifetime Referral Value

Lifetime Referral Value

The Linx Lifetime Referral Value Program - the ultimate retention cultivation tool – delivers an 8 to 10-times ROI compared with traditional lifetime value programs. Linx has a Doctorate in Loyalty Economics – and we’re here to deliver a real-world quantitative basis for investments.

Segmentation Matrix

Segmentation Matrix

We like to call it a “Marketing Plan on a Page” – but you can simply call it the number one strategy to the success of your marketing and sales initiatives. Linx utilizes the segmentation matrix to deeply understand your market and its motivations. Firm believers in the power of the segmentation matrix, we never start a project without it.

Branded Services

Branded Services

Today, companies must take customer experiences to the next level to stay ahead of the competition. Looking to de-commoditize your commodity business? Linx provides premium branded services to create uniquely engaging experiences across the entire customer journey.

Lead Team

Michael Smith

President and CEO

President and CEO of Linx, Michael is the mechanical mastermind behind the Linx mission to build market share with a marriage of marketing and strategy. He brings Linx decades of expertise in strategic marketing and branding, web and enterprise 2.0, human services and federal contracts – to name a few. Graduate from Bentley College with degrees in management, marketing, finance and computer science – with an additional four completed years of presidents’ seminars at Harvard University Graduate School of Business Administration - Michael’s credentials are as comprehensive as the company’s core competencies. A born leader, Michael provides exceptional strategic marketing direction to not only Linx but also numerous start-up businesses, business community boards and the leading manufacturer of lighting and electrical products. Michael is the humble Founder of the Advertising Agency Council, Co-Founder of AppLinx, Co-Founder of Stewards of Change and CMO at Topaz Lighting. Michael happily lends his Linx leadership to the business community with board positions at the Federal Advisory Board, Children’s Medical Fund, YPO-WPO Long Island and Metro NY and also as Communications Chair of YPO-WPO Deal Network and Social Enterprise Network. Michael’s accolades alone speak volumes about his value to the marketing industry. Former President & CEO of JRS Advertising, Michael is the recipient of KMPMG/Peat Marwick’s prestigious “Entrepreneurial Spirit Award for Growth” as one of the fastest growing firms in the country. Michael is married with 3 children and resides in Nissequogue Overlook, NY.

Debbie Cosentino

Senior Art Director

Art Director, Debbie is a Linx veteran approaching her 24th year at the company. Former paste-up artist and graduate from SUNY Farmingdale with a degree in Visual Communications: Art & Graphic Design, Debbie never took a computer class – her craft is 100% self-taught! Cheer-mom by afternoon, wine taster by weekend, Debbie moved to Aquebogue to be near the wineries. Cooking, interior design and mother-daughter gym sessions drive her interests while audio books make her 50-minute commute enjoyable. Debbie is happily married to Anthony.

Eric Dubnoff

Video Producer

Some people change the channel during commercial breaks; Eric changes the channel to watch commercials. Because for Eric, every advertisement he watches is a source of learning. Since graduating from Northeastern University, Eric has produced over 20 commercials for television and over 15 hours worth of weekly programming on a national network. When he’s not writing scripts, cutting footage, or animating graphics, Eric can usually be found playing with his beloved dog- Julius. Who, oddly enough, was the subject of Eric's most popular production- a commercial that nearly won the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Commercial Contest.

Dee Smith

Chief Technical Officer

As the 3rd generation in line, Dee Smith is extremely passionate about Linx. Our humble but never overzealous Chief Technical Officer keeps Linx up to date with the latest technologies and best-of-breed skills to take our clients to the next level. Dee is always up for office adventures from Starbucks to the beach to in-office games of Rayman Raving Rabbids on Wii. An artist in her free time, Dee also provides Linx daily in-house doggie therapy complements of her cute and charming pit-bull Moose.

Samatha Balay

Web Developer

Linx Web Developer Samatha Balay grew up in India and uses Skype and FaceTime to close the gap between family and friends still living there. Graduate from Bradley University with a Master’s degree in Computer Science, Sam furthers her education by learning something new every day. After working on client websites and day-to-day web issues, you can find Sam hanging out with friends, cooking, baking, tackling DIY projects and of course, planning her next travel adventure. Sam has been with Linx for three years.


Chief Morale Officer

Enjoys ball throwing, chewing bones and developing new business models for sophisticated marketplace revenue requirements.

Alex Lougovtsov

Account Executive

Alex Lougovtsov studied Entrepreneurship and Marketing at Northeastern University – but was already an entrepreneur who started his own web design business in high school. A true Manhattanite, Alex loves music, shows, festivals and the fast life – and dreams of starting multiple nationwide and international businesses. Alex has lived on three continents, traveled Europe and moderately speaks three languages.

Randee Smith

VP Administrative

Linx Legend and VP of Administration, Randee Smith grew up in Northport, Long Island – just one of many special destinations on her extensive travel agenda. Mother of three (two twin girls and a boy), Randee gladly welcomes new adventures – hiking, swimming, skiing…whatever the season will allow. Her favorite season: summer! And with a personal motto, “work hard, play hard,” Randee puts 100% into everything from daily administrative tasks and grueling gym sessions to fine dining and extravagant weekend excursions.


Director of Sleep

Basically a sleeping, eating and playing machine. Also a best-of-breed (get it?) web and app designer who has developed new user interface code that is the industry standard in Uzbekistan.

Jerian DiMattei

Account Executive

Music junkie, aspiring groupie, amateur baker and fashionista, Jerian majored in advertising and PR at St. John’s University – and is educated in makeup artistry (she has a certification to prove it!) Early in her career, Jerian worked in radio promotions and social media marketing and events – an industry with many perks (can you say, “free concert tickets?”). When she’s not following bands across the island and simply being “awesome,” you can find Jerian managing executive accounts at Linx.

Christina Francesco


The movie 13 Going On 30 inspired Christina to fill Jennifer Garner’s shoes as a magazine queen. 23 years old, interning at Linx and graduating from Stony Brook University in May with a BS in Marketing and Digital Arts – Christina is well on her way! A total bookworm and self-proclaimed “closet nerd,” she reads about 3 books a week and idolizes superheroes (Superman, her all-time favorite). Christina also enjoys fun-filled concerts, delicious food and quality time spent with friends. If she could get paid to sleep, Christina would be a millionaire.

Currently looking for talented individuals to augment our Lead Team, U.S. Support Staff and International Technology Workforce.

If you are interested in joining Linx


"Strategically Creative/Creatively Strategic."

Our Founding Philosophy




Linx creates innovative and transformative strategies to commercialize tangible and profitable new products, services, brands and businesses. Our team executes the planning and delivery of marketing programs with battle-tested toolsets developed by the industry's most forward-thinking marketers.



Linx blends art and science to create uniquely integrated engagements that drive markets and motivate prospects and customers to act. From a single sound…look…feel…Linx can help people easily identify your business every time out. Are you ready to create a remarkable brand experience?



At Linx, it’s not just about features and functions – it’s about creating compelling user experiences that provide value to the consumer. We harness modern technology to strategically drive your long-term plans, programs and initiatives.



Through the perfect blend of strategy, design and message, Linx delivers extraordinary creative to evoke an emotional response…a reaction…which turns into results and ROI. We put creative in service of your business and marketing plan to propel your brands and business to the next level.


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ProLinx is the simplest and most effective publishing solution to maximize your marketing potential like never before. ProLinx delivers quantifiable improvements in website visitor engagement, defining and separating you where market distinction is critical. Your website needs to stand out – ProLinx helps you do it.



ShopLinx is our unique, open source ecommerce platform designed to generate more sales and grow customer loyalty, visit after visit. How? ShopLinx strikes the ultimate balance between complete control and flexibility over presentation, content and functionality…and the most powerful user/customer experience attainable.



A powerful tool designed by strategic marketers, MailLinx leverages technology to sell more while lowering costs. Imagine full tracking, response notification, statics and analytics - everything you need in an email program to increase business, build customer loyalty and promote your brand. Welcome to MailLinx.



Linxubator is the marketing incubator designed to accelerate the growth and success of start-up entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support, resources and financial and technical services. Linx provides everything early-stage start-ups need to start on the right track - and then blaze a trail to unprecedented success.

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LeadLinx a service line offered by Linx offers some of the best strategic and executional Marketo work around. Whether your organization is just starting out or has a team of experts on board, our Marketo Managed Services offering is ideal for maximizing your investment in your CRM, Marketing Program and Sales Team.

Below are just a few of the Marketo Managed Services we offer.

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Introducing Linx’s NEW In-House Video Production Department

There are hundreds of ways to communicate your company’s message, but none are more powerful and engaging than the use of video. A well-made video elicits emotion and nostalgia, and can explain complex concepts in simple ways. Contact Linx to discover how video can unlock your brand’s true potential.








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