Think Ahead.TM

We are experts and visionaries that combine strategy, data and creativity to craft the stories that build emotional connections with your customers. We listen, we learn and we love what we do. We empower you, your team and your brands to thrive in today’s accelerating world. The future of your brand starts here… Are you ready?

How We Create Value.

As trusted strategic advisors for innovative brands, our team provides fresh unbiased perspectives that allow your organization to identify new possibilities that accelerate your growth. We help you leverage technologies to create memorable experiences throughout your customer’s journey with your brand. We think ahead, anticipating change by learning even faster. Here is our formula for success.


Strategic Advisory

We link business, marketing and sales strategies across your organization to ensure they are in perfect alignment.


Predictive Marketing

We leverage data to provide limitless answers to your most challenging questions about your customers and your business.


Creative Laboratory

We create the emotional connections that drive customer engagement, enhance experiences and build brand value.

Always The Right Fit.

We meet the needs of your organization from top to bottom. Whether the CMO role, extend your team or provide a fully outsource marketing department. Our flexible approach ensures a perfect fit!


A few years back, one of our clients needed to get their Marketing Department up to speed. They asked for our help. This has turned into a valuable Linx service – CMO2Go. Under this engagement Linx provides an experience executive to “Think Ahead” and help develop departments, build and execute digital transformation strategies, optimize customer experience and enhance brands. This services is a true partnership, where interests are aligned and often compensation is tied to achievements and results.

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Team Extensions

Your team needs some help… we’re here to assist! On a project, run a program long term, or simply act a brand stewards to develop the look, feel, tonality and overall branding. We build the vision and support the internal team as they execute.

Any of our services apply!

Fresh ideas to build your brand, campaign, markets and strategies

Full Service Agency

Ready to focus on what you do best? Linx supports the whole marketing function and integrates seamlessly with management, sales and operations.

How We Work


We help our clients see their
world in new and unique ways



We are passionate about learning, teaching and growing in order to adapt faster than the speed of change



We combine data, intuition and creativity into the stories that build your brand


Trusted Advisors

We are Trusted Advisors who help create and manage disruption to generate strategic advantage and improve customer experience

Trusted Advisor


We are obsessive about achieving success for our clients


From the Blog

Linx Helps Client Celebrate 30 Years of Innovation and Thought Leadership

Linx was excited and honored to help our client, VJ Group, a global leader in x-ray inspection solutions, celebrate 30 years of innovation and thought leadership by planning, producing, managing and promoting “The Future of NDT Symposium” that took place near their headquarters in New York, USA, October 12th – 14th.

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Linx Revamps Newest Client Crème Allure’s Brand

Linx’s newest client, Crème Allure, a Gourmet Ice Cream and Ice Cream Gifts retailer, came to us in need of new marketing strategy that would help them accomplish their goals of growing their online business. When they came to us, their website and outreach materials did not accurately represent their brand and unique product offerings.

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Linx Helps CMF Launch New Program: Heroes With Heart

Being hospitalized can be scary for anyone, but for a young child it can be traumatizing. That’s why the Children’s Medical Fund works tirelessly every day to bring a smile to the faces of these young patients and their families. Here at linx communications we are excited to launch a new program with our longtime client, Children’s Medical Fund to bring some a happiness and fun to children’s hospitals across Long Island.

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Think Ahead™ 50 Years

Inspiration Appears in the Most Unusual Places

Have you ever been struck with a genius thought while in the shower? Maybe for you, it’s while you’re taking a leisurely walk, or playing with your kids or grandkids. Perhaps you came up with your newest product or service while doing something that had nothing to do with work at all?

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